It's hard to believe I was in the Ukraine just a little over a month ago. Life there is so very different from this place. I don't know why as Americans we are forced to believe we live in the best country there is... although everyone here can make a decent living.

I have had a really hard life so far. It has taught me some amazing things. It has taught me to appreciate those around me. It has taught me how to appreciate life with a zest and vigor because in an instant it can all go away.

I love going to Russia because you can feel that feeling with just about everyone in the culture. There is a richness to their lives that I feel somehow Americans are lacking... or maybe just not talking about.

Maybe it's just the attitude that you can never predict what's going to happen there. Things are constantly fluctuating. There is no stability among the people because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

If I ever had any political power I would like to see that everyone in America would spend their senior year overseas so they would become more culturally sensitive.

Did you know that the Aussie's give their young adults stipends to travel? A few thousand dollars?

What the fuck is our government doing with our money? Feeding our souls with tabloid misery.

There is one thing I have learned from all my travels. We are not necessarily the land of the free.

Nove Svete, Ukraine

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