And then there is me, Miss Catherine Elizabeth Clay.

The wonderful thing about being a Catherine is that it translates into just about every language.

I couldn't tell you why I love Russia so much. Perhaps since it's so chaotic it just reminds me of a childhood where parents used their children as pawns. I think I see the Russians being used the same way by their government and it happens to be a system I understand but can't translate.

So one of my favorite jokes that translates into every language goes like this: A boy is walking to school and each morning he passes a prostitute and so she wiggles her pinky at him and says "Hello Little Boy"

She does this for 2 days so the third day when she does it he asks "Lady, why do you always wiggle your pinky at me like that?"

"Because I think your dick is about that big."

The next day when he passes her she wiggles her pinky at him one more time as passes so he sticks his fingers in his mouth and says:

Sparrow's Nest

Yalta, Ukraine Aug 2000


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