The list goes something like this:

  1. Somewhere up in the sky
  2. Somewhere up in the sky
  3. Cosmonaut, Moscow Space Museum
  4. Storm over the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel Mexico
  5. Hell, Grand Cayman Islands
  6. Mayan Ruins Cozumel
  7. Mayan Ruins Cozumel
  8. Los Angeles, California
  9. Keeting, South Taiwan
  10. Keeting, South Taiwan
  11. Light House Hostel 40 miles from SF
  12. Bumfuck Ukraine
  13. Tower near Lena's father's dacha, somewhere near Finland
  14. Henry Clay, an ancestor who was known as the Great Orator and was Secretary of State
  15. Icons inside Kolomenskoye, Russia
  16. Arch, Kiev Ukraine
  17. Arch, Kiev Ukraine
  18. Vulvagrad, Volgagrad Russia
  19. Mama, Volgagrad Russia
  20. That couple that always start the Soviet movies, Moscow
  21. Trafalgar Square, London England
  22. Queen Elizabeth, London England
  23. St. James CT. Louisville Kanfuckme
  24. Some fountain in Madrid
  25. Some fountain in Madrid
  26. Peterhoff, Russia
  27. Peterhoff, Russia
  28. Peterhoff, Russia
  29. Peterhoff, Russia
  30. Peterhoff, Russia
  31. Peterhoff, Russia
  32. Peterhoff, Russia
  33. Angel Weeping, St. Petersburg Russia
  34. Hollywood, California
  35. Horse, Taiwan
  36. Horse, St. Petersburg
  37. Kentucky Derby
  38. Barn, Bumfuck Kentucky
  39. Courtyard, Venice Italy
  40. Fence Venice Italy
  41. Rail, Washington DC
  42. Near St. Peter's. Venice Italy
  43. Bachelor's pad Peterhoff, Russia
  44. New Orleans
  45. Ivan the Terrible's Castle Kolomenskoye Russia
  46. Some Pretty Church near Pushkin, Russia
  47. Inside the Kremlin
  48. Inside the Kremlin
  49. Inside the Kremlin
  50. St. Basil's Cathedral
  51. Church of the Split Blood, St. Petersburg Russia
  52. Church of the Split Blood, St. Petersburg Russia
  53. Church of the Split Blood, St. Petersburg Russia
  54. Church of the Split Blood, St. Petersburg Russia
  55. Some Building in Prague
  56. Some Building in Spain
  57. Some Building in Moscow
  58. Some Building in St. Petersburg
  59. Some Building in St. Petersburg
  60. Some Building in St. Petersburg
  61. Some Building in St. Petersburg
  62. Some Building in Kiev
  63. The Royal Horse Stables, Moscow
  64. Some Building in Prague
  65. Sunset, Prague
  66. Reflection, St. Petersburg
  67. Corinthian Entablatures, Washington DC
  68. Capitol building, Washington DC
  69. Post Card Washington DC
  70. Chicago
  71. Inside a bar
  72. Thunder over Louisville
  73. Angel
  74. Night Time Stage, St. Petersburg Russia
  75. God has left the vicinity. Please clean up your own mess. BFA show
  76. Venice at Sunset
  77. Cydak (Sudak) Ukraine
  78. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
  79. Aurora Borealis, St. Petersburg
  80. Frankfurt, German
  81. San Franciscan Night
  82. The Admilrity built for Peter the Great, St. Petersburg Russia
  83. Art, St. Petersburg
  84. Lookout, Gulf of Finland
  85. Elegante, Marina Del Rey
  86. Sailboat, Gulf of Finland
  87. St. Petersburg
  88. St. Petersburg
  89. Shadowbox of the October Revolution, Naval Museum St. Petersburg
  90. St. Petersburg
  91. A View from Alcatraz
  92. Mountain View, in the Ukraine
  93. Big Sur, California
  94. Taipei, Taiwan
  95. Birdie Niagara Falls, Canada
  96. Moab, Utah
  97. Moab, Utah
  98. Gate, Taiwan
  99. Amsterdam
  100. Pissoir, Amsterdam
  101. Some Village in Italy
  102. Some Village in Italy
  103. Some Village in Italy
  104. Some lady sleeping in Kiev
  105. Some lady sleeping in Italy
  106. The Master and Margarita Restaurant
  107. Simferopol, Ukraine
  108. Alcatraz
  109. Feather, Russia
  110. Monk, St. Petersburg
  111. Dima in St. Petersburg

*Lack of Tourists in some photos is purely intentional. Don't try this at home. I'm a trained professional.