The most beautiful metro in the world is the Moscow Metro.
I have been in Madrid's, Boston's, London's, Washington DC's
but none of them conveyed the horror of New York's shithole.
I guess you can say that Moscow and New York are as different as
night and day. Roman said they made the metro pretty so people
would want to go underground and on the circle line, I must admit those
are some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Each one is like
a musem... and they are clean and you can almost set your watch
by the trains they are that consistent. The only problem I ever had
was watching people stare at my tits or telling me I should let the
invalid sit down. The Moscow Metro is an adventure in and of itself and
I would recommend that if you are going there, you should spend at
least a day just perusing the metro. When Anne, my sister, came to see me
in 1997 she was being bitchy and didn't want to see how pretty it was.
I just made sure we went on detours so she would see the stations I
wanted her to.

I would also like to say I don't think people would be so fucked up
if there was a metro in every American city because I remember
many a day just sitting down and being amazed by all the people
as they went about their business.