Sveta is quite simply one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has ideal proportions and has a wonderful heart. She had changed quite a lot since the last time we hung out together. I guess it's called maturity... from both our parts.

She would break out into a tune and sing for a bit, sometimes humming. If there was something that needed fixing in my hair she was always right there to straighten it out and help make me pretty.

She lived in Italy for a while because the easiest way for Russians to make any money is to live in another country and being a beautiful woman it's much easier to get by in such a country. She was very lucky, though, and didn't have to sell herself into prostitution like so many of the other Russian girls I have seen in other European cities.

When she tired of Italy she just packed up her things and moved back to Volgograd.

I think Roman gets a kick out of having people he loved dearly around him all the time. Sveta is his ex girlfriend as is Lena. They actually got along rather well.

Although I know there were nights when we were out and Roman and I were just obxnious. It's like watching two whirlwinds coming together I imagine... although I am not quite sure since I am a guilty party.

It got to the point one time when I couldn't understand Lena's behavior and I asked Sveta what she thought and she simply answered me "Oh Kat, you remember how I was the last time you were here?" That one sentence was all the explanation I needed.

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