Dimog is one of the funniest guys I know. He likes to think he is crazy but when we were at Kazantip he constantly pointed out how crazy the people around us were.

I think I decided to move to California when I confided in him that I was afraid to leave. He looked at me like I was more crazy for being in the Ukraine with them.

Everything funny happened with him. Sick of Roman and Dima talking about getting chicks I finally looked at him as one passed us by and said in English "I have better chances of getting her than you do."

He thought about it for a second and realized what I had said and smiled a "fuck you" because he knew I was right.

And then there was the time we were riding for hours and actually came across civilization. We were going to use the toilet but we were going to wrong way. That didn't stop Dima.

He whipped it out and started pissing on a wagon train that was in the back. What he didn't see was the long chain that held a dog.

And as I was walking back from the cashier's room, where he obviously lived, I woke up the ugly dog and jumped when he lunged at me. Sveta Sha and I were walking towards the toilet when we watched as the dog started to chase a still pissing Dima. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time but I know that I shared a very special moment on the ground with Sveta Sha as we checked to make sure he didn't get piss all over his shorts and we didn't pee in ours.


Hotel Yalta's "private" beach, Aug 2000

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