Sveta Sha is Sveta Sha. I think her dad is one of the few honest businessmen in Russia as well as being a good daddy.

I must say that I admire a man that comes into money and doesn't throw his family away but then again family values over there aren't quite what we have here.

Her's was the first Westernized apartment I had ever been to in Volgograd. She had all the latest appliances and lived dare I say, even better then moi!

She did a stint at Kent and went right back home. She has never come out and said she hated the states but I think if I were stuck in Ohio I wouldn't be very thrilled with my experience over here either.

She's been to Italy several times and confessed to me that she honestly isn't doing anything right now because she doesn't really have to.

She drove her Punto behind us and she and Roman would call each other for 10 second intervals to say whatever... because over there the first 10 seconds are free!

I somehow always forget that she speaks English so when she answers me sometimes I am taken aback.

I think the best conversations Roman would bother to translate (because colloquial Russian is vastly different then what was taught in school) came from their reaction to one another.

She also completely fucking rocks because she doesn't care how I take pictures of her. She is so natural from being dressed to the nines to only wearing a thong.

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Sveta Sha

Forest in Yalta, August 2000